Cardio Diagnostics appoints Dr Vimal Ramjee as Strategic Advisor
24 January 2024 -

Cardio Diagnostics Holdings Inc (Nasdaq: CDIO), a precision cardiovascular medicine company driven by artificial intelligence (AI), announced on Wednesday that it has appointed Dr Vimal Ramjee, MD FACC CCMS, as a Strategic Advisor.

A distinguished cardiologist and health innovation leader, Dr Ramjee holds key roles including National Co-Chair of Cardiology and Innovation at CommonSpirit Health Enterprise and is a member of the American Heart Association Board of Directors.

This strategic appointment signifies a crucial step in Cardio Diagnostics' growth and market expansion. Dr Ramjee's extensive experience in clinical practice, innovation and research positions him as a valuable asset, aiming to accelerate the company's mission of enhancing patients' lives through advancements in cardiovascular disease prevention, treatment and management. His role will focus on driving opportunities for research, collaborations and partnerships.

Dr Ramjee's illustrious career in cardiovascular medicine spans academic and professional achievements, with expertise at the intersection of medicine, digital health technologies and AI algorithms. His strategic contributions align with Cardio Diagnostics' commitment to pushing the boundaries of precision cardiovascular medicine.

As a Strategic Advisor, Dr Ramjee will collaborate with Cardio Diagnostics' management team on various initiatives, including new research studies and exploring emerging opportunities. Additionally, he will work towards raising awareness of Cardio Diagnostics' innovative technologies, emphasizing its potential to elevate patient care and ensuring the company remains a leader in precision cardiovascular medicine.

Cardio Diagnostics, with its focus on AI-powered precision cardiovascular medicine, aims to make disease prevention, detection, and management more personalised, accessible and precise. The company's proprietary AI-driven Integrated Genetic-Epigenetic Engine positions it as a forefront player in medical technology, dedicated to improving the prevention, detection, and treatment of cardiovascular disease.