Xcell Biosciences Names Janette Phi as Chief Operations Officer
8 January 2018 - - San Francisco, California-based life science start-up Xcell Biosciences has appointed Janette Phi as chief operations officer, the company said.
Prior to joining Xcell, Phi was chief business officer and chief commercial officer at IntelliCyt Corp., a Sartorius company. She has over 25 years of experience in the life sciences, coupled with extensive clinical experience.
In addition to her leadership roles at IntelliCyt, Janette previously held management positions at ForteBio, Guava Technologies, AmCell, and Becton Dickinson Biosciences.
Additionally, Xcell Biosciences has expanded its development and commercial efforts around new market opportunities in immunotherapy drug research and development.
The company will use its expertise in expanding and modulating phenotypes of primary tumor, stem cell, and immune populations to deliver a new set of applications tailored to the immunotherapy and cell therapy drug development and production markets.
Xcell Biosciences is developing products and workflows that empower scientists in the fields of cancer research, immunology, stem cell biology, and cell therapy development.
The company's first product, the Avatar cell control system, allows complete control of key physiological conditions found in cellular microenvironments, enabling rapid optimization of precise conditions to achieve long-term cell maintenance, expansion, and phenotypes of interest.