Therapy Areas: AIDS & HIV
Grindr partners with Equality Movement and MPOWER to introduce at-home HIV testing in Georgia and Ireland
20 November 2023 -

LGBTQ+ social network company Grindr Inc (NYSE: GRND) announced on Monday that it has collaborated with Equality Movement and MPOWER to launch at-home HIV self-test kits for Grindr users in Georgia and Ireland.

This initiative, marking European testing week, extends Grindr's commitment to overcoming barriers to HIV testing, particularly for users facing challenges like rural residence or privacy concerns. The partnerships allow Grindr users in these countries to order free at-home HIV self-test kits directly through the app, offering a convenient and discreet option for health protection.

Grindr's history of promoting Equality Movement and MPOWER's home self-testing programs underscores its dedication to community-level interventions and judgment-free resources. This expansion follows Grindr's successful Together TakeMeHome program, in collaboration with Building Healthy Online Communities and Emory University, which distributed over 232,262 test kits within its first six months, emphasizing Grindr's commitment to similar global initiatives.

With over 13 million monthly active users globally, Grindr remains focused on fostering connections, self-expression and community support.