Therapy Areas: Vaccines
MGFB signs patent license agreement with Mayo Clinic
9 November 2022 -

MGFB, a subsidiary of US-based FairWinds Bio (FWB), announced on Tuesday that it has signed a patent license agreement with Mayo Clinic to progress with the experimental cancer vaccine therapeutics.

The cancer vaccine therapeutics are based on a novel platform developed over the past 20 years by Richard Vile, Ph.D., Mayo Clinic professor of Immunology and several colleagues. FWB, University of Leeds and Mayo Clinic have a founding equity ownership in MGFB. The platform is aimed at addressing mutational burden, immune escape, and tumour resistance, commonly seen in many solid tumour patients.

Dr Vile said, 'I look forward to working with the MGFB team to advance these therapeutic vaccines to help the many patients who need better treatment options than are currently available.