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Northern Ireland study suggests COVID-19 causes birth-related complications in pregnant women
17 January 2022 -

A new study by the University of Edinburgh in Northern Ireland has found an increased risk of birth-related complications after getting COVID-19 in pregnant woman, BBC News reported on Monday.

The study has found pre-term births, stillbirths and new-born deaths are more common among women who have COVID-19, 28 days, or less, before their delivery date.

The study's authors said: "addressing low vaccine uptake in pregnant women is imperative to protect the health of women and babies".

NI's chief medical officer, Sir Michael McBride, said COVID-19 in the later stages of pregnancy "can have serious consequences for both mother and baby", adding that having COVID-19 during pregnancy "carries a far higher risk than having the vaccine".

Pregnant women in NI are being urged to get vaccinated after this study, BBC noted.