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Vivera Pharmaceuticals launches LabPort
24 November 2021 -

United States-based Vivera Pharmaceuticals announced on Tuesday that it has introduced its LabPort, a comprehensive software solution aimed at streamlining and merging the diagnostic testing and results reporting process for laboratories, employers, and patients.

LabPort features identity verification using artificial intelligence and is aimed at facilitating immediate results reporting for diagnostic testing even in high-volume, field-based testing environments. It also provides an immediate and compliant solution for employers with more than 100 employees federally mandated to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's emergency temporary standard (ETS) COVID-19 vaccine and testing reporting requirements.

Paul Edalat, Vivera CEO, said, 'Vivera created LabPort to serve an immediate need for real-time COVID-19 testing software that is patient-friendly, HIPAA-compliant, and provides a solution to expedite, organise, and report testing results. We started LabPort as a simple testing reporting solution but quickly customised the LabPort platform to create a responsive, comprehensive system for multiple users after recognising the need in the largely fragmented and outdated laboratory management software market.'