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VAXSYS Technologies & Barcodes Inc unveils the COVID-19 vaccination enrollment and verification system
14 October 2021 -

Biometric company VAXSYS Technologies Inc on Wednesday announced the availability of the fast, simple, accurate and secure Barcodes Inc/VAXSYS COVID-19 Vaccination Enrollment and Verification System to provide a durable record of COVID-19 vaccinations as required.

The enrollment component of the Barcodes Inc/VAXSYS System is mobile, accurate and paper free that provides the ability to print and issue durable, legible vaccine credentials on secure plastic VAXSYS Cards that contain an encrypted, fraud-resistant 2D barcode.

In addition, the verification component of the Barcodes Inc/VAXSYS System is a mobile App which can be downloaded on to any Android handheld device with 2D barcode reading capability. The App decrypts the barcode on the VAXSYS Card to generate an anonymous, immediate, level-1 proof of COVID-19 vaccination, without requiring any additional personal, biographic or biometric information.

With provision for all the necessary hardware and software, the Barcodes Inc/VAXSYS System can be operated in stand-alone mode, or integrated into a user database at the option of the user. The card can be printed with the name of the business, university or sports team.

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Barcodes Inc is an information technology solution company with more than a 26-year history of providing products, software and services to automate businesses.