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ECO Animal Health Group receives EU approval for ECOVAXXIN trademark
6 February 2024 -

Animal health company ECO Animal Health Group (ECO) (AIM: EAH) announced on Tuesday the approval of the ECOVAXXIN trademark by the European Union (EU). This trademark, also registered in the USA and the UK, provides extensive protection in key markets for animal health products.

ECO said the ECOVAXXIN trademark serves as branding for a family of vaccine products, offering protection for all of ECO's forthcoming vaccine products. The company plans to market these products globally, with multiple launches over the next decade, starting in 2025.

The first two products carrying the ECOVAXXIN trademark will be poultry mycoplasma vaccines, specifically ECOVAXXIN MS and ECOVAXXIN MG, targeting Mycoplasma Synoviae and Mycoplasma Gallisepticum, respectively.

This trademark approval aligns with ECO's growth strategy, leveraging its research and development pipeline to introduce new vaccines, supporting significant sales and profit growth over the next ten years.

ECO specializes in antibiotics and vaccines for pigs and poultry, with marketing authorisations in over 70 countries and a global team of over 200 people. Aivlosin, its lead product, is a proprietary, patented medication effective against respiratory and intestinal diseases in pigs and poultry.