Therapy Areas: Vaccines
ProMIS Neurosciences advances lead vaccine candidate for Synucleinopathies, achieves significant milestone
22 January 2024 -

Clinical stage biotechnology company ProMIS Neurosciences Inc. (Nasdaq:PMN) announced on Monday the milestone achievement of selecting PMN400 as the lead vaccine candidate for synucleinopathies, including Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), Parkinson's disease, and Lewy Body Dementia.

This progress was facilitated by a CAD1.16m research grant from the Weston Family Foundation to the University of British Columbia, supporting the team led by Dr Neil Cashman, ProMIS chief scientific officer. Collaborating with experts such as Dr Scott Napper from VIDO, Dr Marco Prado from the University of Western Ontario, and Dr Joel Watts from the University of Toronto, the team utilized a proprietary computational platform to identify unique conformational epitopes of toxic alpha-synuclein.

Mouse vaccination studies confirmed the efficacy of several epitope formulations, culminating in the selection of the lead vaccine candidate.

Results from these studies will be presented at the 2024 American Academy of Neurology meeting in Denver, Colorado, from 13-18 April.