Therapy Areas: Vaccines
InSilicoTrials enters into strategic alliance with AchilleS Vaccines
24 April 2023 -

InSilicoTrials, a company that specialises in using artificial intelligence (AI) and simulations to improve drugs and medical device development, announced on Friday that it is entering into a strategic alliance with AchilleS Vaccines, a biotechnology company.

The collaboration is aimed at integrating visions, skills, experiences, the multidisciplinary collaboration network and interested institutions to expedite the 'biopharma 4.0' concept, with a specific concentration on vaccines and monoclonal antibodies against infectious diseases.

The partnership is based on InSilicoTrials' present platform and its InSilicoVaccine Suite to develop vertical products based on modified Outer Membrane Vesicles (mOMV). It will enable AchilleS Vaccines to use the range of in silico tools offered by InSilicoTrials and assessment of potential immunogenicity risks of new protein sequences in silico, without the requirement for animal testing, which could accelerate vaccine development and develop safer and more effective vaccines.