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Treatment for Critically Ill COVID Patients Results in Significant Improvement in Survival Rate According to New Study
12 January 2022 - - Critically ill patients treated with US-based extracorporeal blood filtration devices provider ExThera Medical's Seraph 100 Microbind Affinity Blood Filter (Seraph 100) within 60 hours of ICU admission experienced a survival rate double that of patients treated after being in the ICU for 60 or more hours, according to a newly released study.

The new findings, published in Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, found that survivability in ICU COVID patients that started Seraph 100 treatment within 60 hours of ICU admission was 65.5% while it was 37.5% in patients that started the treatment after more than 60 hours in the ICU.

There is still a need for therapeutic treatment options, especially in critically ill patients, as COVID variants such as Omicron continue to emerge.

The Seraph 100 is the first blood purification device to be shown to reduce both bacterial and viral loads in the bloodstream and has been used on more than 800 US and EU patients with COVID-19 since April 2020.

In 2019, the Seraph 100 was granted CE mark for the reduction of bloodstream pathogens in European Union.

In April 2020, the FDA granted Authorization for Emergency Use for use in patients with COVID-19 admitted to the ICU with confirmed or imminent respiratory failure.

ExThera Medical Corp. develops and commercializes extracorporeal blood filtration devices, including the Seraph 100 Microbind Affinity Blood Filter for removing a broad range of pathogens from the bloodstream of patients.

Seraph can be used in hospitals, clinics, or field hospitals to address nosocomial and community-acquired infections as well as those caused by battlefield wounds and pandemics. ExThera Medical's extracorporeal products have demonstrated life-saving capabilities in a wide range of critically ill patients suffering from sepsis and other severe infections.

With a growing body of outcome and health economic evidence from independent clinical studies, success in the DARPA Dialysis-Like Therapeutics program, and from successful clinical use in the US, the EU, and the Middle East, the company is well positioned to serve healthcare professionals and patients alike.

The Seraph 100 is CE marked and commercially available in the EU and has FDA Emergency Use Authorization for treatment of COVID-19 in the USA.


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