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A2 Bio Provides First Preclinical Data Presentation for CEA and MSLN Programs, Including Trial Update at SITC 2021
12 November 2021 - - US-based biotechnology company A2 Biotherapeutics, Inc has made the first presentation of its Tmod platform; a powerful, precise targeting system controlled by tumor deletions which transforms CEA and MSLN CAR T cells into tumor-selective agents, the company said.

Preclinical results demonstrate how Tmod primary T cells selectively kill tumor cells mixed with normal cells in vitro, and display robust activity in vivo. CEA Tmod cells selectively kill tumor cells within the same mouse implanted with established "normal" and tumor xenografts.

MSLN Tmod constructs show similar selectivity, illustrating the breadth and modularity of the Tmod platform.

Data are being featured on Nov. 13 at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer's 36th annual meeting at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC

A2 Bio is also presenting a clinical trials poster on Nov 12, BASECAMP-1 (NCT04981119): An observational study to identify relapsed solid tumor patients with human leukocyte antigen loss of heterozygosity.

The study will use the Tempus xT-Onco Next Generation Sequencing diagnostic to identify patients with loss of HLA-A*02 heterozygosity.

If eligible, these patients will be leukapheresed to bank T cells for subsequent autologous Tmod CAR T cell therapy at the time of relapse.

BASECAMP-1 is currently recruiting patients with colorectal, pancreatic or non-small cell lung cancer at NYU Langone Medical Center, and will soon open at other cell therapy centers of excellence, including Mayo Clinic Rochester, UCLA Medical Center, UCSD Medical Center, and MD Anderson Cancer Center.

A2 Biotherapeutics has invented the Tmod cell therapy platform to tackle the fundamental challenge in solid tumor treatment, the ability of cancer medicines to distinguish between tumor and normal cells.

The Tmod mechanism utilizes two receptors to exploit common, specific gene losses in tumors which demarcate the tumor from normal cells.

A2 is positioned to deliver a broad pipeline of both autologous and allogeneic cell products, with in-house cGMP manufacturing, a leadership team with 90+ years combined experience in biotech and cell therapy, and a world-class scientific advisory board.

A2 is backed by investors that include The Column Group, Vida Ventures, Samsara BioCapital, Nextech Invest, Casdin Capital, Euclidean Capital, UC Investments (Office of the Chief Investment officer of the Regents), Hartford HealthCare Endowment, StepStone Group, Schroders, Section 32 and Merck.


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