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Herb-Pharma AG's ViroStop Nose and Throat Spray shows preventive effect against COVID-19 virus infection
12 November 2021 -

Swiss company Herb-Pharma AG on Thursday announced the clinical study on the ViroStop Nose and Throat Spray, carried out at the Complex Medical Clinic in Budapest between January and May 2021, showed a preventive effect against COVID-19 virus infection and enhances the body's antibody response against the virus, with results published in the Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Reports.

According to the company, ViroStop, which is a nasal and oral spray, is a proprietary combination of active and natural ingredients which act as a barrier against infection and can also alleviate cold and flu symptoms. Antiviral sprays reportedly create a protective film on the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract to neutralize viruses and prevent their multiplication.

All of the 189 study volunteers were close contact with someone with a positive PCR test for COVID-19. They participated in the study to analyze the clinical, virological and serological data of the patients with mild acute infections of the upper respiratory tract.

Of the 189 people, 111 used ViroStop and 78 did not. After 15 days, none of the volunteers using ViroStop tested positive in the PCR test, while six (approximately 8%) of the control group did. In addition, in blood antibody tests, it was observed that those using ViroStop had developed immune protection against COVID-19 in three times more cases than the control group.

All volunteers underwent PCR testing for SARS CoV-2 at the beginning of the study and each volunteer's symptoms were checked every other day for 15 days. At the end of the clinical study, each participant was again subjected to a SARS CoV-2 PCR test and a SARS CoV-2 specific IgG antibody test using the ELISA system. In addition, the symptoms of the volunteers were evaluated, concluded the company.



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