Therapy Areas: Oncology
Fluent BioSciences collaborates with NanoCellect Biomedical
20 June 2022 -

Fluent BioSciences, a US-based biotechnology company that said it is focused on making single-cell analysis simple and accessible to every researcher, announced on Friday that it has collaborated with US-based NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc, a company that develops and manufactures solutions for cell sorting, to improve resolution and efficiency of single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) analysis of rare cell populations.

It is claimed that the integration of cell sorting on the NanoCellect platform subsequent to scRNA-seq on a novel, instrument-free platform for scRNA-seq based on Pre-templated Instant Partitions (PIPseq) from Fluent can be a highly efficient solution for a wide range of single cell applications across oncology, immunology and neuroscience.

Sepehr Kiani Ph.D., Fluent BioSciences co-founder and CEO, said, 'For single-cell sequencing to truly become mainstream researchers need benchtop solutions that fit their diverse experimental needs rather than compromising the science with complex, expensive, and inflexible platforms. I am very pleased that Fluent and NanoCellect are able to leverage and combine the unique advantages of our respective technologies to expand the use of single-cell RNA sequencing for rare cell populations.'