Therapy Areas: Oncology
Ichnos Sciences selects ISB 2001 as next candidate to transfer into clinical development
10 May 2022 -

Ichnos Sciences Inc., a US-based clinical-stage global biotechnology company developing innovative multi-specific antibodies for oncology, announced on Monday that it has chosen ISB 2001, its first TREAT1 trispecific antibody, which engages BCMA x CD38 x CD3, as its next candidate to transfer into clinical development.

The firm has commenced IND-enabling studies for relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma and intends to advance ISB 2001 to a first-in-human study once approval from the health authorities is received in 2023.

The product is the first T cell-engaging antibody that is aimed at BCMA and CD38 on multiple myeloma cells. It is a trispecific antibody based on BEAT 2.0 technology.



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