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Iksuda Therapeutics Inks Licensing Agreement for Her2 Antibody Drug Conjugate Programme from LegoChem Biosciences
12 January 2022 - - UK-based antibody drug conjugates developer Iksuda Therapeutics has expanded its differentiated ADC pipeline through a license and commercialisation agreement with Korean biopharmaceutical company LegoChem Biosciences, which is focused on the development of next-generation novel therapeutics utilising its proprietary medicinal drug discovery technologies, the company said.

The agreement provides Iksuda with exclusive world-wide rights (excluding Greater China and South Korea) to LCB's Her2 ADC programme, LCB14.

The agreement includes development, regulatory and commercial milestone payments to LCB contingent on successful achievement of certain milestones as well as royalties on commercial sales.

Iksuda anticipates that LCB14, now designated IKS014, will enter a phase 1 clinical trial programme in the US during 3Q22.

LCB14 is under license from LCB to Fosun Pharma for Greater China where it is designated FS-1502.

Fosun is currently conducting a phase 1 clinical trial in China in patients with breast cancer.

This agreement with LCB allows Iksuda to further expand its clinical development pipeline. The company's IKS03 programme, a best-in-class CD19-targeting ADC, is also expected to enter phase 1 clinical trials in H1 2022.

Iksuda is also rapidly expanding its pre-clinical pipeline. These assets centre on delivering ADCs with raised therapeutic index through both improved safety and efficacy, conferred by tumour activated, prodrug payloads in combination with stable conjugation technologies, including its proprietary novel PermaLink platform.

Iksuda announced the completion of its series A financing round in June 2021, co-led by Celltrion Inc and Mirae Asset Capital, further recognising the company's expertise in ADCs and underpinning its commitment to targeting the treatment of cancers with currently limited treatment options.

Iksuda Therapeutics is a UK-based biotechnology company focussed on the development of a new generation antibody drug conjugates targeting difficult-to-treat haematological and solid tumours.

Iksuda's pipeline of ADCs is centred on a portfolio of non-prodrug/prodrug DNA and protein alkylating payloads in combination with stable conjugation chemistries including its proprietary PermaLink platform.

The company's ADCs portfolio is designed to significantly improve the therapeutic index of this important modality and improve the outcomes for patients living with cancer.

IKS014 is a potential best-in-class HER2-targeting ADC. In preclinical trials, it displayed impressive activity in high- and low-HER2 expressing tumours with significantly higher HNSTD vs other HER2-directed drugs.

A phase 1a clinical trial is nearing completion in China, with phase1b in HER2-positive breast cancer patients planned to start soon. Phase 2 trials in HER2-positive gastric cancer patients are planned for 2022.

IKS03 is a best-in-class CD19-targeting ADC delivering a tumour-activated prodrug pyrrolobenzodiazepine which was licensed from LegoChem Biosciences.

Preclinical testing demonstrates best-in-class efficacy (vs in-clinic and marketed CD19-targeted therapies) in in vivo xenograft models and significantly raised maximum tolerated dose in non-human primate disease models, demonstrating its potential to be the leading anti-CD19 therapy in B-cell cancers.

IND is planned for 2Q22, with initial phase 1 patient data anticipated 3Q22.

LegoChem Biosciences (KOSDAQ: 141080) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of next-generation novel therapeutics utilising its proprietary medicinal drug discovery technology legochemistry and ADC platform technology conjuall.

Since its foundation in 2006, LegoChem Biosciences has focused on the research and development of antibody-drug-conjugates, antibiotics, anticoagulants and anticancer therapeutics based on its proprietary platform technologies.


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