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EpicentRx receives US Patent for 'Immunomodulatory Fusion Proteins'
23 November 2021 -

EpicentRx Inc., a US-based clinical-stage biotechnology company, announced on Monday that it has received United States Patent No. 10,906,957 entitled 'Immunomodulatory Fusion Proteins' from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

This composition of matter patent is directed to novel therapeutic proteins, which includes a TGF-ß Trap Fusion Protein, both alone and in combination with viral expression and delivery vectors. The patent includes eight claims and expires no earlier than 2037 and strengthens the company's intellectual property position and coverage for its lead therapeutic product candidate, AdAPT-001, presently under investigation in a Phase one clinical trial for solid tumours. The product is a modified replicating type five adenovirus vector 'armed' with a TGF-ß trap that is aimed at selectively replicate in and destroy tumour cells.

Tony R. Reid, M.D., Ph.D., chief executive officer of EpicentRx, said, 'We are extremely pleased with the issuance of this foundational patent, which not only expands the breadth of our oncolytic adenovirus intellectual property portfolio but also, and perhaps, more importantly, covers the TGF-ß trap protein as a standalone therapeutic, independent of the oncolytic virus, to treat a range of disease relevant processes for which TGF- beta is a key driver from immune system evasion by cancer cells to fibrosis.'



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