Therapy Areas: Oncology
Northwest Biotherapeutics secures exclusive license for dendritic cell technologies from Roswell Park
17 June 2024 -

Immunotherapy company Northwest Biotherapeutics (OTCQB: NWBO) announced on Monday that it has secured an exclusive license from Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center for a portfolio of dendritic cell technologies and intellectual property. These technologies, already in Phase 2 clinical trials, are set to be further developed in collaboration with lead scientist Dr Pawel Kalinski.

The licensed portfolio includes five new patent families filed in 2023, featuring enhanced dendritic cell (DC) therapies and conditioning regimens designed to improve patient responses and reprogram the tumour microenvironment. This aims to boost immune therapies and overcome resistance to checkpoint inhibitors.

Northwest Biotherapeutics' newly acquired DC-based therapies encompass versions with tumour antigens loaded into the DCs and versions for intra-tumoural administration. Currently, Phase 2 trials for two different cancers are underway, fully funded by grants and conducted as investigator-led trials, requiring no financial or operational input from the company.

This latest license complements a previous portfolio acquired from another institution, bringing together over 20 years of work by Dr Kalinski's team. This combined expertise enhances Northwest Biotherapeutics' existing portfolio, which includes the foundational technologies and positive early-stage clinical trial results.

The company plans to leverage its infrastructure and experience in producing and delivering personalised living-cell DC therapies to accelerate the late-stage development of these licensed technologies. The company's extensive experience includes a 331-patient Phase 3 clinical trial for DCVax-L treatment for glioblastoma, the most aggressive form of primary brain cancer.

Terms of the Roswell license include an upfront fee and milestones related to the first Phase 2 trial, Phase 3 trial, product approval and commercial sale, potentially amounting to USD2.3m. The agreement also includes royalties of 4% on product sales, potentially reduced to 3% with royalty stacking.

Northwest Biotherapeutics, focused on developing personalised immunotherapy products, aims to treat cancers more effectively and with fewer toxicities than current treatments. The company's lead program, DCVax-L, targets glioblastoma and has completed a Phase 3 trial. Additionally, Northwest Biotherapeutics has developed DCVax-Direct for inoperable solid tumours, with plans for further Phase 2 trials.