Therapy Areas: Oncology
iNtRON announces Prophage and Jamphage identification in the Pancreatic cancer related Microbiome
30 May 2023 -

South Korea-based iNtRON Biotechnology ( announced on Monday the identification of Prophage and (non-) ORF-Jamphage from the microbiome frequently observed in long-term Pancreatic cancer survivors.

This significant identification was achieved as part of the ongoing PHAGERIARUS(R) development project conducted by the New Drug Part of the company.

The PHAGERIARUS(R) development project is focused on acquiring bacteriophage-derived proteins that can serve as Immune Regulators (IR). The ultimate goal is to develop phage-based immunotherapeutics capable of treating a range of immune disorders including cancer.

The project is built on the research that bacteriophages not only act as essential factors for the survival and growth of bacteria, but also play a role in regulating the immune system. In addition to the ongoing efforts to secure diverse IR candidates, the project involves with comprehensive genomic and functional analysis of disease-associated microbiomes and bacteriophages. Additionally, the project aims to elucidate the Mode of Action (MoA) of IR-related proteins derived from bacteriophages.

Recognising the potential substantial role of these lysogenic phages in inducing immune responses within the body, iNtRON is actively securing genetic resources derived from Prophage/Jamphage.