Therapy Areas: Inflammatory Diseases
LifeSpan Vision Ventures invests in NaNotics
31 October 2023 -

LifeSpan Vision Ventures, a US-based investment company involved in longevity biotech, announced on Monday that it has invested in NaNotics LLC, a California-based preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company.

NaNotics LLC is developing NaNots, novel subtractive nanoparticles that treat disease by capturing and clearing pathogenic molecules from blood.

The company said that it is progressing towards a range of NaNots aimed at oncology and inflammatory markers associated with multiple diseases that present substantial unmet medical requirements. It has also entered into research collaborations with Mass General Cancer Clinic, situated within Mass General Hospital, and Mayo Clinic to further improve its therapies for specific oncology targets.

Harry Robb, Analyst at LifeSpan Vision Ventures, said, 'With our first investment in the nanomedicine field, we are partnering with NaNotics, a California-based biopharmaceutical company with a vision of depleting soluble targets from blood to treat a range of diseases – and potentially aging as well. The company is backed by a dedicated and highly experienced team that is committed to leading a shift in medicine from a cell-based focus to a signal-based focus. This represents an exciting opportunity to expand treatment options and we see a great potential in their transformative therapies to have a meaningful impact on patient outcomes.'