Therapy Areas: Infectious Diseases
Sequentify receives funding from Israel Innovation Authority
12 January 2024 -

Sequentify, an Israel-based company specialising in DNA sequencing technology, announced on Thursday that it has received funding from the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA).

This grant contributes to a project totalling USD1.3m and supports the development of the company's targeted sequencing panel for infectious disease research. The panel aims to provide a culture-free, next-day solution for sequencing pathogens, focusing on pathogen diagnosis and antibiotic resistance surveillance.

Sequentify's development of this sequencing panel is claimed to reflect its ongoing commitment to contributing valuable tools for infectious disease research and management. This initiative is a part of Sequentify's efforts to enhance the utility of its ultra-fast InfiniSeq technology in the realm of infectious diseases, aligning with the company's broader commercial goals.

Tamir Biezuner, Sequentify co-founder and chief scientific officer, said, 'We are grateful for the recognition and support from the IIA. Infectious disease is a complex field, and Next-Generation Sequencing is still emerging in this area. This grant will be instrumental in advancing our research and development, helping us to provide timely and efficient solutions in pathogen detection.'