Therapy Areas: Infectious Diseases
Replicate Bioscience begins phase one trial of RBI-4000 vaccine
13 September 2023 -

Replicate Bioscience, a clinical-stage company, announced on Tuesday that it has dosed its first subject in a phase one trial of RBI-4000 vaccine intended to prevent rabies.

This trial is the first time a human has been dosed with the company's srRNA technology and will serve as a benchmark for this purpose and towards preventing other complex infectious diseases.

Nathaniel Wang, PhD, founder and CEO of Replicate, said: "Rabies represents an ideal opportunity to provide rapid clinical validation of our novel vaccine technology given the large exposure-naive population and established correlates for protection as measured by the World Health Organization. Dosing our first participant is a significant milestone for our company as we advance our next generation srRNA technology across several disease areas."