Therapy Areas: Devices Receives US FDA Clearance for Automated RV/LV Analysis Algorithm
6 September 2022 - - US-based disease detection and intelligent care coordination provider has received US Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance for an automated RV/LV ratio algorithm, a seamless new component of the Viz PE Solution, the company said.

The algorithm is designed to quickly and accurately measure the diameter of the ventricles of the heart to provide the ratio of the maximum right ventricle diameter versus that of the left ventricle.

Automating this key patient risk indicator will enable care teams to respond more quickly than before.

Diagnosis and care coordination for patients suffering from PE requires fast multi-disciplinary communication for risk stratification and decision making.

Launched in November 2021, Viz PE uses deep learning to identify suspected central and segmental pulmonary emboli in under two minutes.

With the integration of the RV/LV algorithm, the proven solution now includes an automated assessment of potential right ventricle dilation.

Delivered quickly to the entire care team on the Viz PE Solution, the information further enables care teams to ensure that the right clinical decision is made at the right time no matter where the patient resides in the healthcare system to ensure quick and appropriate care.

The RV/LV ratio algorithm is another of the fast-growing number of FDA cleared AI algorithms on the enterprise wide Viz Platform, which is clinically validated and proven to save time and improve patient outcomes and access to care across more than 1,200 health systems in the US and EMEA., located in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Portugal and Amsterdam, pioneered the use of AI algorithms and machine learning to increase the speed of diagnosis and care for a variety of acute and emergent diseases across hospitals and health systems.

The Viz Platform is a transformative, intelligent care coordination solution that unifies synchronized care collaboration, high fidelity mobile image viewing, automated workflows and improved visibility at decision-making moments.'s neurovascular and vascular AI platform is designed to save time and improve patient outcomes and access to care and is used in more than 1,200 hospitals in the US and EMEA.'s life science portfolio expands the reach of the AI-powered Viz Platform to pharmaceutical and medical device companies who are leaning into digital transformation to bring life-saving therapies to market more efficiently.


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