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Satio and Intact form Strategic Partnership to Jointly Improve Delivery of Mass Vaccination
23 August 2022 - - US-based medical device company Satio and medical technology developer Intact Solutions have entered into an agreement to establish a collaborative framework in order to partner on research, development, manufacture, and deployment of next generation health technologies with the goal of offering alternative solutions to traditional needles with SatioRx intradermal patches for the Member States of the African Union and beyond, the companies said.

The joint force aims to enable sharps injury free, rapid, and low-cost mass vaccinations.

The first step of collaboration would focus on intradermal delivery of Yellow Fever vaccine, COVID vaccine, and malaria (a recombinant protein) vaccine.

The collaboration will enable rapid access to vaccines by providing alternatives to traditional intramuscular injections with SatioRx intradermal patches and Intact aseptic fluid transfer technology.

Success of this endeavor will improve the readiness for future endemics and pandemics throughout the world.

Satio is a privately held medical device company focused on point-of-care patches with on board diagnostic and therapeutic solutions leveraging low-cost and user-friendly technology. The company is developing three different platforms.

The first is a vaccine and drug delivery patch that allows for intradermal delivery. The second is a dry blood spot and whole blood sampling patches that allows for a range of lab-based and genomic testing.

The third is consumer-based diagnostic patch.

MedInstill / Intact Solutions have designed and developed its proprietary Intact technologies to deliver innovative sterile liquid filling, multiple-dose dispensing, transfer, and packaging solutions across several industry segments to address the challenges of achieving consistent sterile results.

All Intact transfer devices are fully closed, prevent contact of the product or process with the environment, and solve some of the toughest and most costly problems faced by the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, food and nutrition, and cosmetic industries.

The Intact product line includes connectors, environment independent filling lines, and dispensing valves.


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