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Kwon Named Chief Executive Officer at Alchemab Therapeutics
27 May 2022 - - Young T. Kwon, PhD, Alchemab's chief financial and Operating officer at biotechnology company Alchemab Therapeutics, has succeeded Douglas A. Treco, PhD as chief executive officer and member of the board, the company said.

Treco resigned for personal reasons.

Dr. Kwon has served as Alchemab's chief financial and Operating officer since November 2021.

Dr. Kwon previously served as chief financial and Business officer of Momenta Pharmaceuticals until its acquisition by Johnson and Johnson in October 2020.

Prior to Momenta, Dr. Kwon was a business development professional at Biogen and worked at the venture capital firm Advanced Technology Ventures, investing in early-stage biotech and medical device companies.

Dr. Kwon received a B.S. in biology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology from Harvard University.

Alchemab has developed a highly differentiated platform which enables the identification of novel drug targets, therapeutics and patient stratification tools by analysis of patient antibody repertoires.

The platform uses well-defined patient samples, deep B cell sequencing and computational analysis to identify convergent protective antibody responses among individuals that are susceptible but resilient to specific diseases.

Alchemab is building a pipeline of protective therapeutics for hard-to-treat diseases, with an initial focus on neurodegenerative conditions and oncology.

The highly specialized patient samples that power Alchemab's platform are made available through valued partnerships and collaborations with patient representative groups, biobanks, industry partners and academic institutions.