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STENTiT concludes EUR1.8m as part of seed investment round
25 April 2022 -

Medical device company STENTiT reported on Monday the completion of EUR1.8m under its seed investment round led by Dutch investors NextGen Ventures, Brabant Development Agency (BOM) and the Ten Cate Investment Company.

The funding facilitates STENTiT's pre-clinical development and batch production of a regenerative stent for peripheral indications. It offers a breakthrough solution for cardiovascular interventions through its first-of-its-kind endovascular implants with regenerative capacity. Using a catheter-based approach, these devices provide the ability to restore arteries without the need for an invasive surgical intervention.

Nextgen Ventures is an investment fund investing in knowledge-intensive companies that enable transformation in health care.

Brabant Development Agency (BOM) ensures that startups receive the right support and funding to get off to a flying start and grow into scaleups and that companies that aspire to go global can actually do so. It BOM works with dozens of companies to create this impact.