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TELA Bio launches LIQUIFIX for US hernia surgery
21 March 2024 -

Medical technology company TELA Bio Inc (NASDAQ:TELA) announced on Thursday the US launch of LIQUIFIX FIX8 Laparoscopic and LIQUIFIX Precision Open Hernia Mesh Fixation Devices.

LIQUIFIX is the only FDA-approved liquid adhesive for internal use in hernia surgery.

These devices are tailored for minimally invasive and open femoral and inguinal hernia repairs, eliminating the need for mechanical tacks, sutures or staples. LIQUIFIX enables precise mesh fixation without penetrating patient tissue, reducing the risk of complications and mechanical trauma.

With over 1.2 million hernia procedures performed annually in the United States, LIQUIFIX addresses a significant market need, offering enhanced safety and utility in hernia repair.

LIQUIFIX products are manufactured by UK-based Advanced Medical Solutions (LON:AMS). AMS entered into an agreement with TELA Bio in 2023 to commercialise LIQUIFIX products in the United States.