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Cognizant and NVIDIA partner to revolutionize drug discovery with generative AI
19 March 2024 -

IT services and consulting company Cognizant (NASDAQ:CTSH) announced on Tuesday that in collaboration with NVIDIA's BioNeMo platform, it is applying generative AI to enhance drug discovery for pharmaceutical clients, aiming to improve productivity and accelerate time-to-market for life-saving treatments.

Traditional drug discovery methods are costly and time-consuming, but gen AI enables rapid analysis of vast datasets, predicting compound interactions and facilitating new development pathways. Leveraging deep expertise in life sciences and AI, Cognizant offers clients access to pretrained models and frameworks, streamlining model customization and reducing manual intervention.

This collaboration benefits various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, and medical devices, supporting enhanced science, patient outcomes, and business value. With plans to explore additional applications in manufacturing and automotive engineering, Cognizant aims to establish an NVIDIA AI Center of Excellence to further innovate with NVIDIA technologies, driving productivity and innovation for global clients.