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GE HealthCare, OSF HealthCare and Pointcore enter 10-year strategic alliance to advance comprehensive patient care solutions
19 February 2024 -

GE HealthCare (Nasdaq: GEHC), a medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics and digital solutions company, announced on Monday that it is collaborating with OSF HealthCare and Pointcore Inc to enhance clinical and operational efficiencies, standardise care delivery models and improve patient outcomes. The 10-year alliance aims to leverage GE HealthCare's innovative technology and Pointcore's non-clinical management expertise to benefit over one million patients.

The collaboration includes investments in technology systems, digital tools and resources across care areas such as nuclear medicine, oncology and radiology. It also focuses on Healthcare Technology Management services and the implementation of GE HealthCare's new Digital Expert Access with remote scanning.

OSF HealthCare will pioneer GE HealthCare's FDA 510(k)-cleared device for remote patient scanning on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) devices. This technology facilitates remote collaboration, reducing wait times and care disruption.

The alliance plans to explore ways to scale the approach, emphasising personalised care for patients. Precision care in oncology will be a key focus, accelerating integrated cancer care at OSF HealthCare. The partnership aims to deliver precise, personalised care in radiation oncology and Theranostics for diseases like prostate cancer.

Collaboration activities kick off with the launch of the OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute in Peoria, Illinois, in Spring 2024. The initiative results from extensive collaboration across healthcare technology management and diagnostic imaging technology initiatives.

OSF HealthCare, founded by The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis, is an integrated health system with 16 hospitals across Illinois and Michigan. With nearly 24,000 Mission Partners, OSF HealthCare provides a range of healthcare services, including home care, hospice and digital health through OSF OnCall.

As an extension of OSF HealthCare, Pointcore Inc offers healthcare industry services in technology, healthcare technology management, supply chain, business and construction. The company leverages decades of experience to support hospitals and clinics in enhancing patient care.