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SHL Telemedicine introduces SmartHeart direct-to-consumer membership plan
27 November 2023 -

SHL Telemedicine Ltd (SHL) (NASDAQ: SHLT) (SIX: SHLTN), a provider and developer of advanced personal telemedicine solutions, on Monday announced the soft launch of the SmartHeart membership program in the US, marking a significant step forward in at-home healthcare.

This program is part of SHL's Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) initiative, offering a comprehensive subscription service that delivers at home professional cardiac care directly to the consumer.

The SmartHeart membership program is designed to revolutionise home-based access to cardiac care. It includes the innovative, user-friendly SmartHeart portable 12-lead ECG device, offering round-the-clock interpretation by board-certified cardiologists and on-demand telehealth visits. This initiative not only simplifies the process of conducting a full 12-lead ECG at home but also ensures convenient and dependable heart health management, meeting the evolving needs of today's healthcare consumers.

Subscribing members to SmartHeart are offered: a portable 12-lead ECG device,the SmartHeart ECG that allows high-quality 12-lead ECG performance anytime, anywhere; 24/7 cardiologist interpretation whereby subscribers receive expert ECG analysis from board-certified cardiologists; on-demand telehealth visits with onvenient access to medical professionals for timely consultations; and flexible subscription plans with tailored private-pay options ensure affordable access to advanced cardiac care.

SHL Telemedicine focuses on developing and marketing personal telemedicine systems, offering medical call centre services with a cardiovascular focus. The company provides services and devices to subscribers using telephonic and internet communication technology.