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Broncus Hangzhou signs Equity Transfer Agreement with Hangzhou Jingliang shareholders
24 November 2023 -

Broncus (2216.HK), a US-based medical device company in the field of interventional pulmonology, announced on Thursday that its wholly owned subsidiary, Broncus Hangzhou has signed an Equity Transfer Agreement with the shareholders of the Hangzhou Jingliang, to acquire 100% equity interest in it.

The target company is a company specialized in the production and processing of medical devices and the development of software/hardware, and has the innovative manufacturing and intelligent production capabilities. It is believed that the acquisition can supplement related technologies such as robot control and driving system platform development to the group, allowing the group to leverage on the complementary resource integration and further strengthen the innovation of its existing interventional pulmonology diagnosis and treatment products offered.

The acquisition is also expected to strengthen Broncus' research and development capabilities and efficiency (in particular, for the flexible robot projects), enrich the current product offering of the group through combining with the company's existing interventional diagnosis and treatment methods for lung diseases, and further assemble a full life-cycle interventional pulmonology diagnostic and therapeutic platform.