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Biodesix enhances Nodify Lung testing with Tasso+ blood draw method
14 November 2023 -

Biodesix (Nasdaq: BDSX), a diagnostic solutions company that specialises in lung disease, announced on Tuesday the validation and launch of a new blood draw method for Nodify Lung Nodule Risk Assessment testing. The FDA-cleared Tasso+ device facilitates capillary blood collection from a patient's upper arm, eliminating the need for venipuncture.

The Nodify Lung testing, encompassing Nodify CDT and Nodify XL2 tests, evaluates cancer risk in patients with lung nodules. Biodesix's Tasso+ device enables in-office blood collection, streamlining the Nodify Lung workflow for healthcare providers lacking access to phlebotomy services.

Biodesix obtained approval from the New York State Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program (NYS-CLEP) for Tasso+ use, making it available for clinical specimen collection.

With a focus on lung disease diagnostics, Biodesix uses multi-omics and artificial intelligence to develop tests providing insights for clinical decisions. The company offers Medicare-covered tests and collaborates with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies through its advanced Diagnostic Cortex AI platform to address complex diagnostic challenges in lung disease.