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Byotrol unveils PROCESSUS instrument decontamination system
14 November 2023 -

Antimicrobial technology company Byotrol plc (AIM: BYOT) announced on Tuesday that it has introduced PROCESSUS, a comprehensive instrument decontamination system, expanding its next-gen surface disinfectant technology.

This launch, the third under Byotrol's ANIGENE and CHEMGENE brands, targets effective reprocessing in both human and animal healthcare settings.

PROCESSUS is to be showcased at the London Vet Show on 16 November 2023, demonstrating ease-of-use and flexibility. The system integrates enzymatic cleaners for organic matter removal before disinfection, featuring a triple enzyme formulation to preserve instrument integrity. Post-cleaning, PROCESSUS Instrument Disinfectant eradicates bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses and multi-drug resistant pathogens while denaturing DNA/RNA.

Byotrol's rigorous testing aligns PROCESSUS with the latest European efficacy standards, ensuring compatibility with various equipment, including thermos-sensitive devices and surgical instruments. As an AIM-listed specialist in infection prevention, Byotrol operates globally across animal health, human health, consumer products and facilities management sectors. The company focuses on developing and commercialising innovative biocidal technologies for targeted protection against harmful pathogens.