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Creo Medical accelerates EU launch of Speedboat UltraSlim by 18 months
25 October 2023 -

Electrosurgical device company Creo Medical Group plc (AIM: CREO) announced on Wednesday an expedited European launch for its Speedboat UltraSlim device, driven by an accelerated regulatory pathway advised by the company's notified body.

The UltraSlim, part of the Speedboat family, offers reduced size and compatibility with major GI endoscopes, expanding accessibility for clinicians and patients. Powered by Creo's CROMA advanced energy platform, it targets therapeutic treatment of Gastrointestinal (GI) tract lesions and swallowing disorders. The device's versatility is expected to impact surgery and endoscopy landscapes positively.

Originally planned for mid-2025, the launch of the Speedboat UltraSlim deviceis now set for early 2024, with an early adopter program.

Creo Medical focuses on developing and commercialising minimally invasive electrosurgical devices, aiming to enhance patient outcomes. The company's CROMA powered by Kamaptive technology provides adaptive energy sources for surgical procedures, offering clinicians flexibility, precision and controlled solutions. The CROMA platform, combined with Creo's patented electrosurgical devices, is designed to provide safer, less invasive and cost-efficient options for procedures, potentially transforming the surgical and endoscopy landscape.