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Advanced Medical Solutions finalizes new US LiquiBand distribution agreements
25 October 2023 -

Advanced Medical Solutions Group plc (AIM: AMS), a developer and manufacturer of tissue-healing technology, announced on Wednesday that it has successfully completed the signing of all three hospital distribution agreements for its LiquiBand range, marking the full implementation of the new US route-to-market strategy.

These five-year agreements, tailored for market share acceleration in the USD270m sector, aim to strengthen product and brand differentiation. The strategy, now operational, positions AMS to leverage growth opportunities, particularly with the anticipated approval of the Connexicon range in 2024.

The transition to the new agreements has been seamless for partners, with no disruption to end-user sales and normal order patterns resumed. The company anticipates that this strategic shift will drive LiquiBand's growth in the US market, especially with the introduction of LiquiBand XL, across all three distribution channels. The successful execution of this strategy is expected to contribute to accelerated LiquiBand growth starting Q4 2023.

Advanced Medical Solutions Group offers surgical products like tissue adhesives, sutures, haemostats, internal fixation devices and internal sealants. With a global presence, AMS markets its products under various brands, including LiquiBand, RESORBA, LiquiBandFix8, LIQUIFIX, and Seal-G. The company also provides wound care dressings through its ActivHeal brand and has expanded through strategic acquisitions, enhancing its portfolio and market reach.