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Creo Medical Group's CROMA and Speedboat Inject revolutionises Royal Oldham Hospital's surgical service
16 August 2023 -

Creo Medical Group plc (AIM: CREO), a provider of electrosurgical medical devices for minimally invasive surgical endoscopy, on Wednesday provided updates on the impact of its technology at The Royal Oldham Hospital.

The hospital has swiftly completed 40 cases using Creo's CROMA and Speedboat Inject, delivering immediate patient benefits and efficiency.

Royal Oldham's accelerated integration of Creo's technology sets a new NHS record for implementation speed. Several doctors at the hospital are independently treating complex colon lesions, demonstrating exceptional outcomes.

The Speedboat product range's target includes over 350 NHS hospitals, with each Speedboat Submucosal Dissection (SSD) procedure presenting potential NHS savings of up to GBP10,000 compared to traditional surgery, accompanied by reduced hospital stays and complications. Twenty-three NHS England healthcare sites have already adopted SSD.

Dr Khalid has effectively executed over 15 procedures using Speedboat Inject. This advanced energy device successfully removed high-risk polyps, including cases suspected of containing early-stage cancer.

In the future Royal Oldham will prioritise SSD for high-risk polyps suspected of harboring early cancer, expecting to benefit hundreds annually. The hospital plans to broaden its service using CROMA and Speedboat, training endoscopists for diverse procedures. A dedicated multidisciplinary team will support expanded services, ensuring expert-driven, evidence-based treatment. Also, training opportunities will spread advanced techniques, fostering Endoscopy Fellows under Dr. Sal Khalid's guidance.

Creo Medical's mission is to enhance patient outcomes through innovative electrosurgical devices, driven by CROMA powered by Kamaptive technology. CROMA offers adaptive energy sources for precise tissue management during procedures, revolutionising surgery and endoscopy.