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Belluscura secures 6,500 DISCOV-R orders, demonstrates strong market demand
16 August 2023 -

Medical device developer Belluscura plc (AIM: BELL) announced on Wednesday that it has received purchase orders exceeding 6,500 units for its DISCOV-R portable oxygen concentrator. Valued at approximately USD15m in potential revenue, this milestone signals significant interest in the product. Production is set to commence by this quarter's end.

After a successful pre-market launch and user study in June 2023, Belluscura plans to strategically roll out the DISCOV-R in the coming months and through 2024. Driven by burgeoning interest from medical device distributors, retailers, patients and durable medical equipment (DME) providers, the DISCOV-R is positioned to meet the growing demand.

The DISCOV-R's innovative features position it as the world's first ambulatory two-litre continuous flow and eight-level pulse dose portable oxygen concentrator. Anticipated to be eligible for both CMS E1390 (stationary) and E1392 (portable) reimbursement codes, it offers a more financially viable option for homecare oxygen providers and boasts nearly triple the oxygen production by weight compared to its dual-flow competitors.

This surge in orders follows recent distribution agreements, including a notable partnership with McKesson, a premier North American pharmaceutical and medical device distributor and a marketing collaboration with digital healthcare platform GoodRx.

While progressing its X-PLOR portable oxygen concentrator's CE and UKCA registration, Belluscura has initiated production by Chinese partner Innomax Medical Technology Ltd. With 1,500 units now shipped to the US, the company readies for its Chinese market entry, targeting a significant COPD-afflicted population.

Continuing to innovate, Belluscura is developing the NOMAD biometric app. This app, aligned with telemedicine and AI, empowers DISCOV-R users to monitor performance data on various connected devices. The company's forthcoming iteration will alert patients of fluctuating blood oxygen saturation levels, enhancing condition monitoring and optimizing device efficiency.

Belluscura's vision encompasses oxygen enrichment technology that transcends industries and therapies, aiming to enhance health and economic outcomes for patients, healthcare providers and insurance organisations worldwide.