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Rokit Healthcare receives certification under CEMDR for 'Dr Invivo AI Regen Platform'
14 August 2023 -

Rokit Healthcare, a South Korea-based biotech company specialising in advanced organ regeneration, announced on Monday that it has received certification under the European Medical Device Regulation (CEMDR) for its 'Dr Invivo AI Regen Platform', in July 2023.

This certification is claimed to underscores ROKIT's commitment to advancing medical technology and patient care.

The company says that its 'Dr Invivo AI Regen Platform' marks a leap in organ regeneration and medical device innovation, fusing artificial intelligence (AI) with bioprinting. It adds that this groundbreaking approach delivers exceptional outcomes without immune responses in a short timeframe, revolutionising organ regeneration.

The AI technology identifies impacted areas, translating data into bioprinting code files. The kit generates a specialised regeneration-patch for transplantation using the patient's own fat tissues. This treatment is aimed at chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), redefining skin regeneration.