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Anteris Technologies Launches ADR program for US investors
9 August 2023 -

Medical device company Anteris Technologies Ltd (ASX: AVR) (OTC: ANTTY) announced on Wednesday that it has initiated a sponsored Level 1 American Depository Receipt (ADR) program to enhance US investor access to its ordinary shares.

The ADRs, trading on the OTC market under the symbol ANTTY, offer a convenient means for US investors to hold Anteris ordinary shares without the complexities of cross-border transactions.

Deutsche Bank will act as the Depositary Bank for the ADR program, which aims to simplify US investors' engagement with Anteris by enabling trading in US dollars and eliminating the challenges tied to foreign currencies and foreign stock exchanges.

Anteris Technologies is a structural heart company with a significant presence in Minneapolis, US. The company is dedicated to addressing structural heart disease through transformative solutions. Its flagship product, DurAVR, a transcatheter heart valve (THV) for aortic stenosis treatment, employs ADAPT tissue technology to achieve superior clinical outcomes. The ComASUR Delivery System ensures precise placement of DurAVR THV for optimal valve positioning.