Therapy Areas: Devices Collaborates with Johns Hopkins to Expedite Patient Enrollment in Brain Injury Trial Using Viz Recruit Software
16 February 2023 - - AI-powered disease detection and care coordination specialist has forged a collaboration with BIOS Clinical Trials Coordinating Center (BIOS CTTC) at Johns Hopkins University, to expedite patient enrollment for the National Institutes of Health funded Biomarker and Edema Attenuation in IntraCerebral Hemorrhage (BEACH) study, the company said.

With this partnership, BEACH research teams will have access to's clinical trial acceleration platform, Viz Recruit software, which has demonstrated a 3X2 acceleration in clinical trial enrollment.'s cloud-based technology broadens the recruitment funnel in both size and diversity by identifying patients at trial-eligible hospitals.

Viz Recruit identifies trial-eligible patients by scanning patient images in real-time, allowing for around-the-clock automatic identification of potential study subjects with notifications sent to research teams.

The BEACH trial is studying the safety and tolerability of MW189, a small molecule, developed by Co-PI, Dr. Linda Van Eldik from the University of Kentucky. It selectively attenuates injury- and disease-induced proinflammatory cytokine overproduction in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage.

A key design element is the early identification and treatment of eligible and consented participants in the first day of presentation.

There is currently no approved treatment for ICH, a condition that results in high rates of mortality and long-term disability.

Specifically, for the BEACH study, Viz Recruit will:

Automatically identify patients with suspected ICH, with trial inclusion volumetric assessment criteria between 10mL and 60mL

Notify members of the research and BIOS CTCC teams of trial candidates via's HIPAA-compliant web- and phone-based app that facilitates image viewing, communication and coordination is the pioneer in the use of AI algorithms and machine learning to increase the speed of diagnosis and care, covering more than 200 m lives across 1,300+ hospitals and health systems in the US and Europe.

The AI-powered Viz Platform is an intelligent care coordination solution that identifies more patients with a particular disease, informs critical decisions at the point of care, optimizes care pathways and helps improve outcomes.

Backed by clinical data, the Viz Platform delivers significant value to patients, providers, and pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

BIOS Clinical Trials Coordinating Center is an academic research organization within the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Department of Neurology.

Its focus is to provide multicenter management to clinical trials evaluating therapeutic, preventive, and diagnostic interventions.

BIOS CTCC is disease-agnostic with unique expertise in the coordination and management of trials investigating rare diseases and disorders, acute neurologic ICU conditions, rehabilitation, pain management, and functional outcomes.


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