Therapy Areas: Central Nervous System
Vivera Pharmaceuticals adds Fabio Macciardi to Advisory Board
17 June 2022 -

Vivera Pharmaceuticals, a US-based pharmaceutical company, announced on Thursday that it has added Fabio Macciardi, MD, PhD to its Advisory Board as neurogenetics scientific advisor to the company's Biosciences Division.

In this role, Dr. Macciardi is to assist the company in the research and development of targeted genetic therapies to address the unmet requirements of patients with various central nervous system (CNS) conditions.

Dr. Macciardi is a Professor of Molecular Psychiatry at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) School of Medicine. He is currently leading research focused on evaluating the function and evolution of neurocognitive genes and their associated traits using next-generation DNA and RNA sequencing methods.