Therapy Areas: Central Nervous System
Cambridge Cognition launches AQUA for automated quality assurance in CNS clinical trials
24 October 2023 -

Technology company Cambridge Cognition (AIM: COG) announced on Tuesday that it has secured an initial customer for AQUA, its automated quality assurance solution for central nervous system (CNS) clinical trials. Powered by the Winterlight speech and language platform, it is the first such solution in the market.

The company anticipates significant potential with an estimated GBP16m market opportunity for automated quality assurance in CNS clinical trials within five years.

Quality assurance is crucial in CNS clinical trials, especially for conditions like Alzheimer's disease or Schizophrenia. AQUA, developed using advanced voice technology from Winterlight, conducts quality assurance more efficiently. It assesses every patient consultation, providing structured reports to pharmaceutical companies within hours, addressing issues promptly and offering evidence for regulatory compliance.

AQUA is available in nine languages and ensures accuracy in data collection, allowing pharmaceutical companies to tackle issues quickly and enhancing confidence in clinical trial data. The solution has been validated through the company's trial, demonstrating a high correlation between non-experts using AQUA and expert clinicians. The solution will be used in a phase II clinical trial for Alzheimer's disease later in 2023.

Cambridge Cognition develops digital health products for understanding, detecting and treating conditions affecting brain health. Its software products assess cognitive health globally, enhancing clinical trial outcomes and improving efficiency in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.