Therapy Areas: Autoimmune
Rome Therapeutics Demonstrates Efficacy of its Novel LINE-1 Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor in Translational Models of Autoimmune Disease
11 November 2022 - - US-based biotechnology company Rome Therapeutics will share preclinical data from its lead program, a LINE-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitor, in a poster presentation at American College of Rheumatology Convergence 2022, taking place November 10 14, 2022, in Philadelphia, the company said.

LINE-1 reverse transcriptase is an endogenous reverse transcriptase encoded by repetitive sequences in the human genome.

eRTs convert RNA into DNA in the cytosol, triggering a viral mimicry response via nucleic acid-sensors, such as cGAS, resulting in activation of Type 1 interferon and NFκB pathways.

Since excess activation of these pathways can lead to autoimmune disease, eRT inhibitors have great potential to improve pathological outcomes.

Through rational structure-based drug design, Rome identified novel, selective and potent inhibitors of LINE-1 reverse transcriptase.

The data show that Rome's compound inhibited a Type 1 interferon response in multiple in vivo and in vitro models of autoimmune disease.

Rome Therapeutics is developing novel therapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases by illuminating the role of the dark genome in human health and disease.

Leveraging the company's unprecedented data sciences platform, Rome has built a deep pipeline of therapies targeting the dark genome.

Rome is based in Boston, Mass.