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CellOrigin Biotech enters into global strategic collaboration agreement with Qilu Pharma
26 September 2022 -

CellOrigin Biotech (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd, a China-based company that is committed to iPSC-derived innate immune cell therapeutics, announced on Monday that it has entered into a global strategic collaboration agreement with Qilu Pharma, a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company in China.

Under the collaboration agreement, Qilu Pharma is to develop, manufacture and commercialise proprietary 'off-the-shelf' induced pluripotent stem cell- (iPSC) derived Chimeric Antigen Receptor Macrophages (CAR-iMAC) intended for cancer immunotherapy. Both parties will take advantage of technologies and expertise and merge capabilities of R&D, manufacturing and marketing to produce CAR-iMAC clinical products intended for solid tumours.

Dr Jin Zhang, CellOrigin Biotech co-founder and a principal investigator of Zhejiang University, said, 'Innovation and offering the best products that benefit patients are the core values that CellOrigin Biotech and Qilu Pharma both appreciate. This is what brings us together.'



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