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Axion BioSystems Launches New High-Throughput, Multiplate Maestro TrayZ Platform
23 September 2022 - - US-based life sciences tools company Axion BioSystems has launched Maestro TrayZ, an innovative, live-cell analysis platform designed for high-throughput drug development and therapeutic discovery, the company said.

The new system--featuring a slim multiplate tray design that allows for modular scalability and fits comfortably inside an incubator--joins Axion's growing suite of next-generation Maestro products and offers a flexible, affordable option for noninvasive, label-free monitoring of live cells in real time.

Today's complex cell-based therapeutics, such as CAR T cell therapies for immuno-oncology applications, demand powerful in vitro assays that can accurately characterize cellular interactions during preclinical development and ensure product consistency throughout the manufacturing process.

While conventional assays are limited to a single snapshot in time and can miss important markers of cellular activity, Axion BioSystems' label-free, noninvasive Maestro TrayZ--which uses sensitive bioelectrodes to continuously monitor the potency of immune cell-mediated killing--enables scientists to efficiently test new therapeutic candidates and maintain the quality of cell-based products in real time.

Designed with a regulatory environment in mind, Maestro TrayZ boasts GMP-compliance software, barcode plate tracking, environmental monitoring, and automated event logging.

Axion BioSystems is a life sciences tools company focused on innovative live-cell assays used to study the function of cells in vitro for drug discovery and disease modeling.


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