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Bold Therapeutics extends BOLD-100 agreement with South Korean biopharmaceutical company
14 January 2022 -

Bold Therapeutics, a Caada-based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing BOLD-100, announced on Thursday that it has extended its option agreement with an undisclosed publicly traded South Korean biopharmaceutical company for development and commercialisation rights to BOLD-100 in South Korea.

The extension is intended to further strengthen cooperation between these companies, and support the addition of five clinical trial sites in South Korea: Seoul National University Hospital (PI: Do-Youn Oh); Samsung Medical Center (PI: Joon Oh Park); Severance Hospital (PI: Sun Young Rha); National Cancer Center (PI: Yongjun Cha); and Kangbuk Samsung Hospital (KBSMC) (PI: Dong-Hoe Koo).

The company's BOLD-100 is a first-in-class ruthenium-based small molecule therapeutic that alters the unfolded protein response via selective GRP78 inhibition; and induces reactive oxygen species that causes DNA damage and cell cycle arrest. BOLD-100 has received Orphan Drug Designations from the United States Food and Drug Administration in both gastric (stomach) and pancreatic cancers, and Bold Therapeutics is likely to receive one or more Breakthrough Therapy Designations for BOLD-100 in 2022.