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Association of Black Cardiologists encourages universal COVID-19 vaccination mandates for health care workforce
29 July 2021 -

Cardiovascular non profit The Association of Black Cardiologists on Wednesday signed a health equity agreement with Quantum Genomics' NEW-HOPE Study to incorporate minority inclusivity in COVID-19 vaccination as well as presents trial success of novel antihypertensive agent.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as of 25 July 2021, Black, Hispanic, Asian and Native American citizens account for more than 44% of the roughly 28m cases of infection in the US. This group accounts for only 37% of the entire population.

To protect all citizens from the extreme effects of COVID-19, the ABC strongly encourages vaccination of all health care personnel and, as well, all persons, especially members of the Black, Hispanic, Asian and Native American groups.

Currently, ABC supports masking indoors with additional use consideration for outdoors to address and curb the impact of COVID-19 and its emerging variants on this high-risk populations. The mild infection has the potential to result in longer-term cardiovascular ailments.



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