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PHE report finds one COVID-19 vaccine dose reduces hospitalisation chances by 75%
18 June 2021 -

An analysis by Public Health England (PHE) suggests that a single dose of Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) or AstraZeneca (LO:AZN) COVID-19 vaccines reduce chances of catching the virus and then needing to get hospitalised by about 75%, BBC News reported on Friday.

According to the PHE report, the effect of the COVID-19 vaccine does not depend on the variant. A single dose of vaccine is just as good at preventing hospitalisation for Delta as for Alpha virus variants.

Also, among people who have received two doses of the vaccine, the chances of catching and being hospitalised by COVID-19 is reduced by more than 90%.

This PHE report combines an analysis of a person's chances of getting COVID--19, with an analysis of the chances of COVID-19 cases going into hospital, the BBC added.