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Seychelles reports increase in COVID-19 cases despite 85% of population being vaccinated
5 May 2021 -

The health ministry of Seychelles registered an increase in COVID-19 cases with 497 cases recorded over a three-day period, CNN reported on Wednesday.

This is despite the fact that Seychelles has already vaccinated 59,676 people, or 85% of its population.

To date, 6,373 cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in Seychelles.

Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), the country's national broadcaster, had reported in April 2021 that the South African COVID-19 virus variant had been found in several patients.

This rise in cases, which began last month, prompted the US Centres For Disease Control to issue a Level 4 Travel warning advising against going to the tourism-dependent country.

Also, on Monday, the Health Ministry of Seychelles closed specialised medical clinics and suspended surgeries outside of emergency operations and cancer treatments.