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Akers' proposed merger partner MyMD Pharmaceuticals to begin COVID-19 inflammatory depression trial
14 April 2021 -

Akers Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ:AKER) said on Tuesday that its pharmaceutical partner MyMD Pharmaceuticals Inc has signed an agreement with a medical school to conduct a Phase 2 clinical trial of MYMD-1 to treat immune mediated depression in COVID-19 patients.

MyMD Pharmaceuticals Inc and the major medical school will launch a Phase 2 clinical trial to investigate the effectiveness of MYMD-1 to treat immune mediated depression in patients affected with COVID-19, a first of its kind expected therapy.

In a recent finding published in JAMA Network Open, about 52% of individuals who had COVID-19 had an associated moderate to severe Major Depressive Disorder.

Under a contract research agreement, the study is designed to analyze the pro-inflammatory cytokines associated with the cytokine storm, with the Phase 2 trial planned to begin in Q2. The COVID-19 depression trial is expected to be followed by studies at a major medical school on the therapeutic potential of MYMD-1 in patients with multiple sclerosis, including its effects on depression and disease progression.



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